• Dharmik

    We have a wide collection of Dharmik audio-video albums ranging from Bhajan and Devi Geet to Sunderkand and Ramayan. Chitkrakoot Mahima, Hardol Ka Bhaat, Alha Ramayan, Sudama Charitra are some of our most popular Dharmik albums. cURL failed BUY Dharmik VIDEO ALBUMS ONLINE!

  • Lokgeet

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  • Alha

    Alha is a ballad very popular in the Bundelkhand region. It narrates the tales of two warrior brothers- Aalha and Udal who were in the service of Raja Piramal of Mahoba. Its singing style is very dynamic and full of the flavour of war. Beginning with a prayer to ‘devi’ or goddess, renditions include various …

  • Rai

    Rai dance is performed to celebrate the success of the harvest. It is a duet and the competition is between the beats of the drum and foot steps of the dancer. The drummer and the dancer try to win each other and this competition leads towards the bliss. cURL failed BUY RAI VIDEO ALBUMS ONLINE!